Coffee Shop Post #2

IMG_2790An ordered latte and a place to sit and work, near a window with lots of light is the beginning of a magnificent day. Commotion from the neighboring tables bring a seemingly happiness to this quaint atmosphere.  

This past weekend I was at Aurora Public LibraryIMG_2797 for the Catch a Bunch of Authors fair to promote The Fifth Floor. It was a wonderful experience. I listened to advice from veteran authors, noting sound advice to help foster my writing. Friends visited my book station and we had a nice chat. Without my friends, family, and fans I would not be as fortunate as I am. The support I have received is just amazing, from reviews (online and word of mouth) to attendance at my events. I am so appreciative and forever grateful.

You've been asking…so I'll begin revealing...

The Fifth Floor's sequel is nearing a finished first draft. Thus far, I have written 110,000 words, about 360 pages. However, this means very little. The next several months my manuscript will go through a series of  revisions, rewrites and edits-maybe once or twice, or possibly five or six times before I have the perfect story for my readers.  Who knows? This  new novel could be a much better read at 300 pages or possibly 400 pages.  Only time will tell. My goal, and I cautiously approach this statement, aware that even well planned goals change course, is to have my new novel published and ready for my readers by March 1, 2016.



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