Coffee Shop Post #3

IMG_2814Today, I'm enjoying a cafe latte in celebration of two exciting happenings this week.

On Monday, my mom and I visited Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville. She was thrilled to see The Fifth Floor on a bookshelf. We made a day of it, with lunch afterwords.

Okay, here's something only a parent would do. My mom bought my book…again. Keep in mind, she has several copies already, but she wanted to purchase a copy from an actual book store instead of my basement. So, up to the counter we went and paid $16 and some odd cents. Well, it's always good, I suppose, to support an independent bookshop and its starving artists.

Yesterday, I finished my first draft of The Fifth Floor's sequel. I have yet to decide on a title for my new novel. However, there are several possibilities I'm mulling over, waiting to see if a winner presents itself as I read through 375 pages in the next few weeks.

Until next week,