Coffee Shop Post

Readers, I've never blogged an informal post on my website, but heck, there's a first time for everything. Maybe I'll even let a missed comma or an extra space slip by without fainting from the anxiety a simple mistake these days can cause. My fault, of course. However, people who know me would respectfully argue that I've come a long way over the years. I can actually laugh at myself the older I become, a prerequisite I assume for gaining wisdom.  With all that said, I cannot credit myself with having too much wisdom, which is why I'll attempt to catch spelling errors before I post this. If you find one, I'd rather not know.

I'm sitting at a coffee shop working on my second novel. I came here today to fulfill a need for commotion and what it brings to my spirits. As you can image, working in an office having no one but myself to converse with (Yes, I talk to myself--and so do you) can be quite mundane. It's fun to people watch. There are two women standing and talking about the start of school and their kindergarten children...and of course, the teacher's name has come up more than once, in a positive manner. I think it's incredible how teachers impact our society every minute of every day. I'm a bit biased here, I'll admit.

Anyway, there are many people here, socializing, laughing, discussing, learning, and writing. And I don't know a single one, not by name, face, or social security number. It amazes me how many encounters we have of people every day that we don't know, and yet we find ourself stating over and over what a small world it really is. Part of me wonders what their lives really entail. They are here and having fun, but I realize, unlike Facebook, life is not all rainbows and butterflies.

I am lucky today that I can come to this coffee shop, enjoy a skim latte (sometimes, I dare not to say skim) and write my novel. I appreciate today because tomorrow I may not be so lucky.



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