Out And About: A New Perspective


Hello Readers,

I’m starting a new post series.

Last year, I enjoyed writing the Café posts so, here I go again.

These next series of posts will be called Out and About and they will take place away from my home and writing desk. With winter coming, I’m taking one workday a week to get away from the quietness and being cooped up with only my dog and cat, away from a single desk and one window, to work near the hustle and bustle of crowds and commotion. As many of you may know, I love commotion. Growing up in a large family will do that. You can read all about it, if you want, in my first book, The Fifth Floor.

Like the Café posts of last year, my new series of weekly post will be similar. Out and About posts will be my writing thoughts, ideas, plots, or just fun random thoughts that come from being out and about.  Also, like the café posts, the grammar may not be perfect. If I forget a comma here and there, or italicize a word that shouldn’t be, don’t fret about it. Out and About is meant to be me—the true me—the imperfect me.

So where am I today? I’m at Graham's 318 café in Geneva, drinking a latte, and working on my next novel. I’ll keep you updated on my next project.  

Until next week,

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