Out And About: A Pleasant Surprise


I had not realized how long it had been since I'd been in downtown Naperville.

I went to get away from my desk at home and write for a couple hours at Starbucks on the corner of Jefferson and Main while I awaited an Apple appointment to fix a computer problem. I literally stared at the closed Starbucks, thinking "what the heck, where'd it go!" Thank God I didn't stand around for too long looking seriously dumbfounded.

With a quick shift of the eyes, I saw the Starbucks sign--just yards across the street--and still on the corner of Jefferson and Main. Oh my gosh! When did this open? It's huge! And I love it! I was so happy to walk in and actually find open seats, unlike the old place.

I'm here, comfortably working, enjoying a latte--and not looking forward to finding out what my computer problem will cost me.