Coffee Shop Post #11

IMG_3056Whoo-hoo! My final first draft is finally in the hands of my editor, and until she is finished with the first round of editing, I will not open any file pertaining to this manuscript. Today, I've decided to stay home for my work day after retrieving a Starbucks on the go latte because I'd rather not face the black Friday crowds, and possibly lose my life over the last coffee stir. Though my decision to grab and go could result in losing some really good character and plot ideas for my next book.

So you might be wondering about my next writing project. A trilogy is in the works--so that means another book to write that began simply as The Fifth Floor. I'm having a blast writing...I hope you'll find the same pleasure in reading my novels.

Remember!!! December is upon us and I will reveal the title for The Fifth Floor's sequel soon. Stay posted.


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