Coffee Shop Post #10

coffee post NovIt's a rainy day here, but a perfect day for a steaming skim latte and a cozy two-seat table near the fireplace. Since I've been revising for a couple of weeks, I was thinking of what to write for my coffee shop post that would be different from the same ol' I'm revising again post. Work schedules popped into my thoughts. So here's my opinion.

It's important (for me anyway) to stay on a schedule with my writing and everything that relates to publishing a novel. Maybe, it's the teacher in me that has me wanting to have a set schedule for 8-10 working hours, a lunch time, and a plan before it all begins. As a teacher, I welcomed students at 8:10. For the next six and a half hours, it was imperative to show up on time to specials or programs and begin teaching subjects for the allotted amount of time. (However, all of this was second to smiling and making learning fun.) It was never and could never be a free for all. Writing is now my job and I treat it much like as if I were back in the classroom-- schedules and responsibilities. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I close my computer at 4:30. Then, it's time for family, exercise, and a bit of evening T.V. Life in Pieces, for one. The Big Bang Theory is another favorite.

For other writers, a bit of writing here and a bit of writing there may be a perfect routine, but for me, a bit of here and there would not work. Not now anyway. Tomorrow? Maybe. Because who really knows what tomorrow will bring?

Until next week,


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