Cafe Post #19

IMG_3295 Has it really been two weeks since I posted? Wow! How time flies when you're change a 90,000-word manuscript from present tense to past tense. My editor and I spoke last week and we both agreed that the sequel will flow so much better in past tense.  I hit the 47,000-word point today, so I'm more than halfway there. Probably needless to say, but it was one of those weeks that I thought a vanilla latte was well deserved.

So here's great news. I met with the cover artist this week. She had several wonderful cover drafts designed with intuitiveness and compassion. She read the sequel's draft and once again, she was able to tell an amazing story through a single picture. I'm looking forward to wrapping my manuscript in the finished product.

What's that you ask? When will the cover and title be revealed? Well, I don't want to jump the gun again so I'm going to be up front here....not yet, and I don't know when, but since the sequel will be coming this spring, you've got to figure it's not too far off. Thanks for your patience as you await The Fifth Floor's sequel.

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