Cafe Post #18

IMG_3045So here's the scoop. The editor and I spoke about my revisions and rewrites for The Fifth Floor's (TFF) sequel. I'm glad to announce that it's progressing wonderfully and the revised manuscript should be in her hands by next week. Until then, I continue to pour my heart and soul into Anna's continued story. I think this a great time to address one particular review I received on Amazon, and in addition give you just a little peek into TFF's sequel. The reviewer pointed out that mental health issues, like Anna's, don't go away as quickly as a novel ends. The reviewer has a point. Mental health issues can take years to be resolved. This is why TFF ends with one paragraph, ten years later, not a week or month later.

The sequel, coming out this spring, reveals what happens after Anna's stay at the hospital. And her life (hint, hint) doesn't turn up all rainbows and butterflies.

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