The Familiarity of Fall


It’s always unbelievable how fast time goes by. Summer just started and now vacations have been traveled, kids are returning to school and buses are seen opening their doors on every corner in my neighborhood. Though, I’m not complaining. Autumn is a favorite season of mine. I look forward to the changing colors and the cooler temperatures of September. There is something about school beginning, too. It makes for an illusion of stability apart from a chaotic crazy of sleeping in and eating dinners at 9 p.m.

It’s crazy, but it feels much the same for my writing schedule. All summer, every time I tried to get a word on paper, one more thing was popping up and needing to be tackled straight-away.

Then, just the other day, without warning, I sat down in the early morning to begin my writing regimine and when I checked the time on my phone, almost three hours had gone by. Bo, my dog, lay lazily at my feet, comforted by the routine that had been in place before summer.

You’d think that I have kids with all this talking about the school day and busses and routines, but I do not. It’s just the feel of when summer rounds the corner into fall-- It feels a bit nostalgic.

Whatever the circumstance that impacts this feeling, my writing schedule is back on track. With Bo at my feet in a deep slumber, I am comfortable at my desk stretching my imagination into a world of people and places that seem very real as they find their place onto a written page in the creation of a story.

As we come into fall, I hope the changing colors bring you new adventures and dreams worth living.