Super Bowl Freebie!

Why a Super Bowl Freebie? Hmmm...the best way to explain it is this. I'm married to a football coach, so unless the house catches fire and flames engulf the TV, my husband will be home watching the Super Bowl--his eyes glued to our oversized screen. In all fairness, the same goes for most Americans. Who wouldn't love viewing million dollar commercials and feasting on a spread of fattening appetizers? I love the excitement as much as the next fan, and I too will be watching the game, but please understand, I am inundated with football year round. My husband's work doesn't end with the football season. Nope! Championships end and the new season begins tomorrow. There is tape to watch, stats to record, calls to be made, spring practices, summer camps, fall workouts, and so on and so on...SO for this Super Bowl Sunday, I might have other things to do between the commercials breaks and half time show, like enjoy a good book.

And that's why The Fifth Floor is free on Super Bowl Sunday. For all of you who would rather be doing something other than watching the game. Grab your eReader (and some of those appetizers) and enjoy this free eBook.

Happy Reading!


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