It's Here... All But One


Have you ever had that feeling of accomplishment? 

One, that in particular, takes months or even years to achieve?

Hours of labor that seem to have you by the throat some days while at other moments visions of the finish line can be seen in the near distance? It's like the carrot dangling just out of reach: you can see it, smell it, and taste it, but still it dangles. And then, it happens. You grasp at the prize and it's yours. You breathe a full breath. You smile. The job is complete... well done! You poured your heart and soul into your work every step of the way and with every ounce of effort you could muster, day after day after day... you've reached your goal.

That's my today.

My third novel is here. Books have been ordered. The launch date is set. Press releases have been emailed. Little odds and ends are being tied up.

And then, out of the blue, I literally received this sign that this book release was really going to happen.

All But One, the third book in The Fifth Floor trilogy, is finally here.