Have Books Will Travel

img_1001I guess the old saying is have gun will travel. But what about books? I couldn't wait for this day to happen. I was a teacher for twenty years, so walking past a few hundred kids per day heading toward the busses was not unusual. Most had their backpacks strapped to their backs. Many times, as I followed lines of kids, I read the titles of books that they were carrying by way of a pocket on their backpack. I often dreamed about the day I might see one of my books in the pocket.

Granted, I was a craft fair and not at school, but nonetheless, this teen was driven to my book table. Her mom purchased both my novels for her daughter. Later, towards the end of the day, I looked over and saw my books in her backpack. If you look closely you can see The Fifth Floor and behind it is Just Like Ziggy.

I'm just saying...way coooool! And the sunglasses just brings the whole coolness together.

Happy Reading!

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