Coffee Shop Post #8

IMG_2866This past August my uncle visited Chicago. One thing he wanted to accomplish while visiting was to purchase a personally signed copy of my novel, The Fifth Floor. Yes! But hold on. It get's better. My Uncle Bob is back home in upstate New York and I get an email from him. "Your book is a unique event in my lifetime." He writes. He loved the story. Always a plus, right? Then he continues to explain that he's made it his mission for the rest of 2015 to buy five copies of The Fifth Floor every month in order to give away to friends and family. His only request, after reading The Fifth Floor, is that his recipients write an online review and pass the novel on to someone else...a pay it forward kind of thing.

What I didn't expect happened next. The Fifth Floor has traveled far and wide. From the fifteen books my uncle purchased thus far, (five books in August, September and October) it has circulated to Maine, Oregon, Virginia, Washington DC, Florida and several places throughout New York. AWESOME!

Here's the thing. We don't need a lot of connections to make a world of difference. One person, in fact, can change the world. I can't wait to see where my debut novel turns up next. Thanks Uncle Bob!

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