Coffee Shop Post #6

swell coffeeThe Fifth Floor's sequel is out of my hands and into the hands of my first readers, who will spend time critiquing Anna's continued story. Whew! So what tIMG_4627o do? A little break, I figured, is well deserved. First, my sisters, niece and I had fun in the San Diego sun. Next on the list, a few different coffee shops to visit because...well, a change of scenery is always a good idea for fresh ideas. In bringing my next project to light, I found myself listening to lighthearted conversations in order to generate some character ideas. And then my favorite-researching names. It seems to be that coffee shops encourage name calling from across the room. "Hey Seth. How's it going? Good to see you, man."

Hmmmm! Is the name Seth fitting for the mysterious pool boy? Or more of a mischievous Wall Street investor? Not that I'm saying Seth will make into the storyline.

My next project is in its very early stages of outlines and ideas, nothing super heavy right now because in a short time I will be back to the sequel, considering suggestions, tackling revisions and getting to work on rewrites.