Coffee Shop Post #13

IMG_3198As you may recall, my editor is in the process of the first round of edits for The Fifth Floor’s sequel. What's this you say? You thought I would mention the title for the sequel. Hmmm. Patience is a virtue, right? Well anyway, I have been faithful to my word and I have not looked at my manuscript since I handed it over to my editor almost two weeks ago. This patience is a virtue approach2015-12-08 09.20.15 is considerably harder when I’m the one on the waiting end. Since I’m not working on a manuscript at the moment, what a great opportunity to rescue a dog. Meet Bo. He's a Chow mix. Bo rescued my husband and me from a quiet home and walking the neighborhood alone. He is such a good boy. And my cat Payton is becoming acquainted with Bo as well. Of course, training and attention are in store, so early morning coffee is best served right at home.

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