Christmastime is Here

"We stuff ourselves with bite-size hot dogs or ham slices spread with cream cheese and rolled around pickles then cut into bite-size pieces. The table is flowing with cupcakes and cookies, nuts and tangerines. I eat the cutout cookies of Santa and Christmas trees topped with white icing and sprinkled with red and green sugar. The rest of the year we’re stuck eating dinners with no desserts. Saturdays being the worst—liver and onions—but not tonight because tonight is Christmas Eve, and we eat everything we possibly can." Excerpt from The Fifth Floor 

family-of-7-on-christmasAs Christmas draws near, I find myself enjoying memories like this when I was a young child. The days seemed so long back then, like Christmas would never come. And then, it was upon us.

Looking back, as I seem to do quite often at Christmastime, the explosion of excitement and wrapping paper being torn from boxes was only the beginning of a very early Christmas morning. Soon the sounds of a pogo stick in the basement, a Slinky descending the stairs, and the whistling of a battery operated train could be heard as toys were put to immediate use.

There were very few years when all my siblings celebrated Christmas morning together under one roof, but it's those years I cherish most. This holiday season, I hope you and your family create wonderful memories. Have a very Merry Christmas.

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