Cafe Post #20

IMG_3432Coffee Cheers! My manuscript has been sent to the editor for line editing. Hang in there, The Fifth Floor's sequel will be here soon, along with the title and cover reveal. Many of you have asked for book club discussion questions. Thanks so much for choosing The Fifth Floor. Let the discussions begin...

The Fifth Floor Book Discussion Questions

  1. What signs must have been exhibited by Anna to get to the point she did, and why were those signs missed, not only by her parents and siblings but also by her teachers?
  1. What action(s) of Anna’s compounded her problem?
  1. How did Anna’s age and development stage effect the chain of events?
  1. What is the importance of Anna’s inner child?
  1. If Liz hadn’t died how much different would Anna’s life have been considering the dynamics of the family?
  1. What ways might have softened Anna’s reaction to Liz’s death to keep her from an unwarranted destructive future?
  1. It is quite evident that Anna’s mother loves her children though it is never expressed through physical contact. What actions show that Anna’s mother loves her family? How does Anna’s father express love?
  1. If Anna was seventeen today and in the same situation, how might her treatment be different? For the better and worse.
  1. How is Anna’s story of growing up in the 1970s significant for today teens and families?
  1. Mental health issues continue to generate a negative stigma? Why do you think this is?

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