All But One

Sometimes the keys to the future are locked away in your past...


The year is 1985. High-school graduation comes and goes. Autumn arrives and the days become shorter as leaves change from green to gold. Eighteen-year-old Anna clings to the safety of her suburban Chicago home-town, hoping to attend a local beauty school while her friends leave for college.

Over the next few years, Anna will encounter the biggest challenges of her life.

She’s about to discover that the solution to understanding her trials can be found between lines of a book given to her years ago by a patient she met on the fifth floor of a psychiatric ward. One-by-one, Anna’s friends of the fifth floor are released to resume their lives and are each tested differently on the lessons they learned together.

Nine years later, Anna receives an unexpected letter from another fifth floor patient. Will Anna’s life finally begin to make sense?

Find out now in Julie Oleszek's latest, All But One.